Radiant Soul Center

Introduction to Merkaba & Rainbow Light Body Activations for Ascension
with Jeanette


December 5 (Tuesday)
at 7:00 pm (GMT-07:00)

Class length
120 minutes

online & in-person

Introduction to the Merkaba & Rainbow Light Bodies!
Online and in-person available

* Please note that this class is recommended before the Merkaba Activation Mastery Level 1 Certification Weekend coming up January 13th - 14th, 2024.

In the Ascension Process, we activate the Merkaba to assist us in healing old wounds, releasing karmic patterns, access our multi-dimensionality and more! It is a key component of shifting our consciousness and our experience to a more evolved, enlightened state of being and supports us in filling our existence with "rainbow light."

In this event, we will dive deep into the energetic alchemy potential of the Merkaba and explore how these light body activations are necessary for us to not only remember and access who we really are, but to also assist us in the ultimate goal - the return to Source...

This event will introduce key light body concepts as well as infusions of energy and activations from your highest self. You will receive new tools, new awareness and new techniques to support you on your ascension journey.

Beginner and advanced levels are welcome. Spirit will bring forth all that is here to assist each individual and our collective energy.

$122 per person

This is the introduction to a new series I have been guided to share about "Crystalline Light Body Ascension Templates" - this includes:

* Learning about and activating your Sacred Merkaba
* Learning about and opening the channels for the Rainbow Body Experience. (Buddha/Christ Consciousness in your everyday life!)
* Learning why we want to hold these kinds of light frequencies.
* How do these light codes assist with being "divinely human?"
* What is your ideal, utopia experience? Receive the experience from your higher self through your sacred merkaba!
* 3D to 5D is rooted in SELF LOVE - how to recognize when you are being "others" focused in a way that is draining or in a way that is of service.
* * Guided meditations/visualizations that will allow you to receive the codes of love and light from the universe that are here to support your individual and collective journey.

Activations include:
* Compassionate Heart Exercise
* Merkaba Activation - Diamond Light Infusion
* Rainbow Phoenix Activation
* Illuminate Glow Experience

What is the Merkaba and how does it assist in our ascension?

* It is a light body vehicle formed from all 5 Platonic solids (the building blocks of creation) and in a flattened out view, can be imagined as a "Metatron's Cube."

* This light body vehicle is utilized to bridge the divine consciousness with the earthly experience. As above, so below...

Why do we want the Rainbow Light Energies?

As we hold higher frequency vibrations of light, we get closer to our true state of being...infinite love, in union with all of creation. These light frequencies help us to balance in polarity, honor the light and the dark and help to create a true Heaven on Earth experience for humanity and the cosmos!

Let me know if you have any questions. I am so excited to share this incredible time with you!

* Please note that this event is a pre-requisite to the upcoming Merkaba Activation Weekend Immersion Jan. 13th -14th, 2024. Thank you!

Let me know if you have any questions. I am so excited to share this incredible time with you!

Jeanette St.Germain


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