Radiant Soul Center

Hape Sacred Plant Meditation Circle - Gratitude & New Beginnings!
with Jeanette


November 28 (Tuesday)
at 7:00 pm (GMT-07:00)

Class length
120 minutes

online & in-person

Welcome to our monthly sacred plant experience! This month we are highlighting "Sacred Snuff" - also known as Hape' or Rape'.

* In our circle, we will be embracing the power of community and open hearts as we invite divine grace to guide our lives.

This incredible plant comes to us from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest, Jungle, and high deserts of South America. It is a very fine powder blend of various medicinal and sacred plants and is created for healing and ceremonial purposes.

Join us as we share about the origins, uses and and even experience this beautiful plant teacher in a sacred ceremony. In our circle, you will be invited to release what is no longer serving you, get fully present in the NOW moment, and open your heart to the subtle yet profound guidance the Hape' brings forth. Sitting with intention, in sacred space, offers us a deeper connection to our bodies and our true soul nature.

Working with the Hape helps us to honor mother earth, our ancestors, and the amazing shamans that have carved the way for us to deeply remember who we really are.

$44 per person, $80 for 2

In-person only.

What you can expect:
* Introduction to Hape - What it comes from, why we work with it, how we work with it.
* Introduction to Kuripe and Tepi application
* Description of the different kinds of sacred snuff, what plants and what they are purposed for in the body, mind and spirit.
* Hape ceremony - 2-3 rounds of sacred snuff application with different intentions each round.
* Calling in the energies of the plant teachers and becoming the "divine bridge" in your ceremony space.
* Honoring, gratitude and intention process before partaking of the sacred snuff.
* Vibrational sound tools to assist with your releasing, healing and empowerment experience.
* Chocolate and nuts provided afterwards for grounding and integration.

Please note, you must be at least 21 years old in order to partake of the sacred snuff.

Thank you so much for sharing this special evening with us. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you!

Jeanette St.Germain


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