Radiant Soul Center

Manifesting New Moon Gong & Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation
with Jeanette

April 9 (Tuesday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
120 minutes

Radiant Soul Center

Join us for an incredibly POWERFUL New Moon Manifesting Gong and Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation!

In the dark fertile soil of the new moon energies, we will plant seeds of inspiration for renewal & new beginnings. We will set new intentions for creating heaven on earth and allow the healing tones of the gong to carry our hearts' desires to the universe.

This will be an evening of inter-dimensional sound healing and powerful soul connection! You will receive high frequency, transformational energy infusions, reach deep states of relaxation and bliss, and allow your own Light to awaken.

* Featuring an Angelic Wind Gong, sacred Crystal Healing Bowls, and Tibetan singing bowls - you will be able to relax, rejuvenate, and focus your energies in a very powerful way. Calm the monkey chatter and let your spirit soar.

** Manifesting tip - define what SUCCESS means to you - harness the new moon energies by outlining a clear, pragmatic approach. For example, determine the various areas of your life and what success means in all of them. Like success in your home, relationships, business, health, spirituality, etc.

*** We will do a powerful manifesting technique before the gong to help you get crystal clear on what success means for you and how this is important to assisting the collective.

$44 per person, $80 for 2

Membership discounts available - please contact Jeanette for information [email protected]

Sound Healing Event includes:

** Special New Moon starlight immersion - connect to the pure energies of Source Creation, access new codes for spiritual transformation and realize your divine potential!

* Healing Grid activation (bring the name or picture of any person, place, or thing to whom you would like to send unconditional love and energies of optimum wellness!)

* Manifestation Techniques

* Guided Meditation

* Musical vibrational healing through the gong and crystal singing bowls

* Tibetan Singing Bowls

* Sacred Intoning

* High Vibrational Exploration and Energy Infusion - 5th-13th dimensional frequencies

* Chakra Balancing

* Bliss state

* Connecting group energies to offer healing and assistance to Mother Earth and others

* Oracle Card inspiration and discussion

* Bring yoga mats and blankets if you like to lie down for a bit more cushion. :) There are a limited number available to borrow.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to sharing this amazing soul journey with you! Happy New Year!

Jeanette St.Germain


Jeanette St.Germain is the founder and owner of Radiant Soul Center in Tempe, AZ. She is a spiritual alchemist committed to empowering the divine nature of the human spirit. Jeanette has been a co-author of several spiritual books and holds weekly classes, meditation groups and high vibe activation events that assist in bridging the realms of energy with the realms of matter. She has served clients all over the world as a multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium and powerful energetic healer; Jeanette's private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.


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