Radiant Soul Center

4/4 Unity Consciousness Energy Share - High Vibe energy infusions, geometries & messages from Spirit.
with Jeanette


April 4 (Thursday)
at 7:00 pm (GMT-07:00)

Class length
120 minutes

online & in-person

Unity consciousness energy share & high vibrational healing offered individually and collectively!

* 4/4Master Light Code Portal for Bridging, as above, so below (888 energies)
* New Moon & Solar Eclipse Energy portal
* Manifesting new beginnings

Join us for a transformative evening of healing, light portal immersion & unity conscious. This event is like no other, loaded with energetic healing, powerful light transmissions, sacred geometry and special messages from your Higher Self and Soul Family!

** This is one of my most requested and POWERFUL offerings - Spirit says is it time for NEW ASCENSION CODES!

Online and in-person at Radiant Soul Center in Tempe AZ

Through our Unity Consciousness Light Portal we will also receive collectively:
* Christ Golden Halo Immersion
* Rainbow Harmonics for Soul Song Activation
* Divine Feminine Unity Light from the Great Cosmic Heart
* Kendarin Unity Wave Form activation from beyond this universe!
* NEW Ascension Templates for 2024 - Bridging the Earthly with the Divine - stepping into Divine Embodiment where we are creating with every thought, every breath, an opportunity for love and joy to flow!

$44 per person, $80 for 2

Give, share, and receive energies and messages in a sacred space of rejuvenation, transformation, and empowerment of the divine essence at your core.

This event is a high frequency energy infusion of light, color, sound, sacred symbols, sacred geometry activation, and inspirational messages of heavenly love. We join together, harnessing the exponential healing potential of group synergy, in order to offer healing to each individual, to the group, to the Earth and to all of humanity.

* Bonus - This event includes inspired messages of Love and Light from your soul support team, your Angels, your higher self, and more!

* Membership packages available, please contact Jeanette directly - [email protected]

All levels are welcome - you do not need to be certified in any specific healing modality in order to attend. Join us with an open heart, and an open mind!

What you can expect from this event:
* A short, basic introduction of what energy healing is.
* Brief mediation to bring everyone to the same starting frequency.
* Anchoring beams of Source love to the core of Gaia, and expanding this energy through all parts of our known universe.
* Sharing a space of pure unconditional love, inviting a profound connection to unity consciousness and unity wellness for all.
* Angelic messages of love and light for the group and individuals pertaining to their soul essence and divine life path mission.
* Joining with others of your soul family
* Activations, codes, deep healing, rebalancing, releasing, and rejuvenation on all levels - mind, body and spirit!
* Feeling completely supported in Source Light Wave Form Energy waves.
* Journey of the Soul experience with visuals and messages from your Angelic support teams
* Light touch healing (touch not required) offered by individuals and the group as a whole.
* Balancing and empowerment of the divine masculine and feminine energies
* Chocolate/cookies and community sharing

** Please note this event is guided by spirit and is intuitive in nature.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to sharing this amazing event with you!

Jeanette St.Germain

Jeanette St.Germain is a spiritual author, teacher, and speaker. She has served clients all over the world as a multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium, and energetic healer committed to helping others embrace their own inner radiance! Her private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.


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