Radiant Soul Center

Violet Flame Ascension Codes - Unity & Shifting to 5D Soul Purpose
with Jeanette


April 2 (Tuesday)
at 7:00 pm (GMT-07:00)

Class length
120 minutes

online & in-person

Join us for an evening of incredibly high vibrational clearing, soul alchemy and manifestation of our higher purpose!

Online and in-person at Radiant Soul Center!

Are you ready to step forward, rebirthed, renewed and rejuvenated? Are you ready to embody your divine purpose in a way that is reciprocal and expansive through pathways of connection with your true soul tribe? Are you ready to architect new pathways, opportunities and real world experiences rooted in love and unity for all?

If so, then join us for an amazing event of high vibrational energy, activation and soul purpose empowerment! Assisted by the highest levels of Angelic and Ascended Master energy rays, we will connect, receive and anchor incredible energies to assist us in creating Heaven on Earth.

Through a powerful meditation and visualization practice, we will align with our own unique soul blueprint and energize our inner lights with NEW Violet Flame Keys, Codes and Energy Rays offered through the Golden Christ Light, the Rainbow/Platinum Unity Ray & Ascended Master St.Germain.

These energies will assist in clearing not only individual karmic cycles, but any resistant energies stuck in the collective and planetary galactic bodies. The upgraded Violet Flame transmissions offered here will assist greatly with this, as well as empowering our inner Divinity to shine forth, more alive and powerful than ever before!

* This event is an energetic transmission of NEW light codes, sacred geometry, and co-creation energies that will assist us in navigating these times of transition, feeling more supported as we come to the realization that the help we have been seeking has been within us all along!

** You do not need to have any previous experience with energy work or meditation in order to attend. If you feel pulled, for whatever reason, please join us - your soul knows what your mind may not! :)

$22 per person

What you can expect:
** Energizing the core theme for 2024 in the collective - Birthing a new world rooted in compassion, UNITY and BALANCE, Divine Dreams made REAL.
* Introduction to Ascension & the NEW Awakening happening right NOW
* Introduction to Christed Consciousness and the Unity Flames
* Introduction to Ascended Master St.Germain & the NEW Violet Flame of transmutation and conscious creation.
* Tips and Tools for using the upgraded flame energies as an "easy button" to co-create with the universe and each other.
* Re-ignite and amplify the already rooted energies of the violet, golden, and white flames of Unity Light, and create a new pathway for additional flame energies to emerge and expand.
* Amplify your unique Soul Song and what is needed from you now as we welcome the new year.
* High vibrational meditation and energetic infusions of light, sound and sacred unity flames.
* Rejuvenation and balancing on all levels - chakras, meridians, cellular memory map.
* Light Sweep of the Akashic plane followed by an Angelic Seal that will help us to more easily release any and all karmic cycles and baggage - take the wisdom gained, leave the rest!
* Reunion with Soul Family
* Assistance with "conscious creation." I look forward to sharing this incredible evening of energy and awakening codes! Please let me know if you have any questions.
Love and light,
Jeanette St.Germain


Sorry - that class has already taken place!