Radiant Soul Center

11/11 Light Portal Activations
with Jeanette


November 11 (Thursday)
at 7:00 pm (GMT-07:00)

Class length
120 minutes

online & in-person

Join us for potent light activation event - this day offers an especially powerful Stargate Portal Alignment and energy frequency waves designed specifically to support us as we step into the next level of our ascension journey.

* Online & in-person available.
$21 per person

What is this light frequency event?

This event will be a HIGH VIBE frequency infusion event offering guided meditation, light body integration, star gate exploration, chakra balancing and energetic updates to the individual and collective Unity Light Fields.

Join us for an especially potent light activation event - this day offers an especially powerful Stargate Portal Alignment and energy frequency waves designed specifically to support us as we step into the next level of our ascension journey.

** Themes for the 11/11/2021 Portal include:
* Master Alchemy Codes - are you ready to become a creator, stepping out and away form ancestral karma?
* Are you ready to step through the gateway of the garden of delights...embracing what is your truest, most pure desire?
* Codes of illumination that show where your BLISS resides in your heart, in your everyday experience, and fine-tuning the channels within you so that these joyful energies can flow more easily into your every day life!
* Masculine and Feminine stepping into their divine original blueprint.
* Activation of the Great Beloved within self and in sacred partnership with another.
* Bridging Heaven and Earth
* Co-Creation and collaboration in community to create heavenly vibes in the physical world.
* We will receive an incredible infusion from the Twin Star configuration at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to assist in magnetizing new levels of soul family, soul mates & twin soul energies that are needed in the physical to hold higher levels of Ascension Consciousness.

In this event, you will receive high frequency, transformational energy infusions, reach deep states of relaxation and bliss, and allow your own Light to awaken!

Through a powerful process of guided meditation, we will connect with the loving energies of Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and Source frequencies, thus opening awareness to true multidimensional states of Being. This will serve to support you in many ways, including helping you to develop and discover some of your own unique intuitive gifts and empower you to live On Purpose!

We will anchor energies into the Earth plane to assist ourselves, the collective, Mother Earth, and the Galaxy as we travel deeper into the illuminate rays of the Great Central Sun.

11/11/2021 = "9" As above, so below, as within, so without - CULMINATION.

What came before can no longer be. We SEE clearly now what doesn't work and are ready to gather up what we love, what nourishes us, and leave the rest.

We are more clear now that we get to choose, love or fear, alone or together - polarity and union or contrast and duality, being a creator or just experiencing creation? We are not only bridging the higher vibrations with the lower densities, we are shifting the distortions of light to light, through love. We ARE that which we seek...

This energy helps us to CHOOSE our path from a place rooted in unconditional love and the true nature of our divinity in human form.
* Focus ascension codes - waking up to a whole new world within the self perception
* Amplify ascension codes - realizing you are not the only one waking up - we are joining together with others of like mind, heart and spirit like never before!
* Creation through ascension codes - we are finally in a place where we are realizing we are here as creators of a new world, that together we truly can create Heaven on Earth!

11/11 Source Code Activations include:
* Opening wider the channels of energetic support flowing to us from the Galactic Center.
* Angelic Heart Fire through the Seraphim Guardians of the Rings of Time
* Pleadian Master Healing Codes
* A new wave of the Golden Ray of Christed Light that offers harmonization to the masculine and feminine principles within the collective and the individual.
* Creator Being Resonant Template - we are divine creation creating itself.

Seraphim Angelic Light guides us into Unity with the Godself, Unity with the Beloved & assists us by unleashing Fire Storms of Angelic Light to wash away the old and anchor in the NEW energies of unity and love for all!

$21 per person

* bring yoga mat and blanket if you have them - we do have some here at the center you are welcome to use.
* water and light snacks for grounding will be provided.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to sharing this amazing soul journey with you!
Jeanette St. Germain


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