Radiant Soul Center

Spiritual Masquerade Ball - "Beyond the Masks" Cacao Ceremony, Movement and Meditation
with Jeanette

October 30 (Saturday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
180 minutes

Radiant Soul Center

spots left
Join us for a truly spiritual kind of "Masquerade Ball" this Halloween Weekend!

We will wear costumes and masks if desired, and move through a powerful transformational process of shedding the false layers, removing the masks and being reborn through the sacred fire in our hearts.

* Cacao Ceremony
* Sacred Movement, Dance and Breath
* Shamanic Drumming
* Energetic Infusion - Guided Meditation to release the old and RISE like a Phoenix fully empowered in our Divine Light!

$44 per person, $80 for 2

Pre-registration is required so that we know how much food, cacao and energetic space to prepare.

"Beyond the Masks" Cacao Ceremony with Ecstatic Dance & Shamanic Drumming Meditation will help us to move beyond ancestral traumas and old karmic cycles...we are ready to BE who we really are and create a new kind of world, together!

Facilitated by Jeanette St.Germain

Let's step through the veil that keeps the physical world apart from the intangible...let's welcome the wisdom of our ancestors and healing energies of Mother Earth...let's take a moment to breathe, move, sing, gather in sacred community and really connect.

This is the time of year where we can truly recognize the path we have walked - what came before, where we are now, and the infinite possibilities of where we are going.  

Join us as we open our hearts and drop the masks of pain and fear that keep us separated from our dreams and our true power. Working with the energies of Cacao, movement & energy meditation, we will ignite our hearts like never before and dive into a pure experience of connection and celebration with all of life.

This is a special evening devoted to welcoming the new beginnings that are ready to flourish as we embody our divine essence...

What you can expect:

Cacao Ceremony - heart opening, induces bliss and euphoric energies, stimulates kundalini and life-force energies, connects us to the elementals and nature spirits that are here to join us as keepers and guardians of Gaia.
* Let the Cacao Spirit bring you soul nourishing sweetness, love and FLOW.

In the Cacao Ceremony -
* "Remove the Mask" soul retrieval through the heart - reclaim & renew your life-force through core heart connection.
* Ignite your soul song and heal any parts of you that feel lost or broken. Love as the energy of life...
* Tree of Life Ancestral Wisdom Keys to "remove the mask" of who you think you are and STEP UP into the ALL that we can become!
* Receive crystalline golden seeds of divine life-force to anchor intentions into our earthly experience; connect with Ancient Wisdom to move forward guided by our ancestors & the higher consciousness of Source Love.

Ecstatic Dance/Breathwork - encourages movement through the physical and energetic bodies, helps release blocked, stagnant energies and opens pathways for new beginnings. Chakra activation and flow!

Drumming - activates our ancestral lineage and connects us into the womb of Mother Earth to receive deep healing and transformation.

Meditation - receive infusions of highest source love and light, connections with the angels and guardians assisting you with stepping into your highest soul embodiment.

Community potluck - we will provide healthy snacks for grounding of the energies and physical nourishment after our ceremony. Please bring something to share if you like.

As we join together in sacred space, we will be opening wide the floodgates of our highest potential, embracing our dreams through a pathway of surrender and trust in the feminine flow of life.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to sharing this incredible evening with you!

Jeanette St.Germain


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